Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Love

     I wanted to post some of the items I made and received for Valentine's Day and some other occasions.

Valentine Projects:
     I decided I wanted to use craftiness for good towards others and not just for my own pursuits. I thought Valentine's Day was a perfect opportunity to spread the love around. I altered some little containers in an eight hour period and gave them out to some friends and family members.

My Valentine Creations

Valentine Labels
   Here are some close up shots:

Valentine Candy Holders

The genesis of this was I had some containers that I liked the shape and thought I could extend its life capacity. For example, this was a camembert cheese spread container. I made this for Jenn. I filled the inside with pink, red and white M&Ms. Enjoy!

This one's for you Jenn.

Homemade Cards I Received:

     On Facebook, there was a scrappy game being posted, where if you leave a comment and you should receive something homemade from the person who posted. Then you repost it and you give out something homemade to 5 people who leave you comments, and a chain reaction occurs. I signed up on Jenn's and Becky's posts. Becky sent me a card and I'm still waiting on Jenn, nudge nudge wink wink say no more. I didn't repost the game myself, because I don't like bothering people on FB, but didn't want to just be a slacker, so that is another reason I made the Valentine projects, to give out some homemade items to people. This is the homemade banner card I received from Becky, you can take a look at her blog here.

Becky's card

    Kevin's grandmother also sent us a card for Christmas and Valentine's that she drew (the same one who painted the corn husk dolls). She also wrote a poem inside. We sent her a care package that included chicken noodle soup and biscuits which you can order here.  She said she ate it for supper.

Kevin's Grandmother's cards

     You might be surprised by this next one, this is from Kevin, and he even made a pop up sentiment.

Kevin's card

He snuck around using my stash before I woke up, hoping I wouldn't hear him. Isn't that totally cute! I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.


Tammy said...

What a creative husband you have! :D I like the containers. It makes the gifts even more special because you made it! Very nicely done.

Becky said...

Thanks Michelle! I love all of your Valentine's projects. Very pretty!

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