Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea for Two

Making Something for Me:
     I've been making things recently for challenges which puts pressure on me because it will be seen and judged. I want the item to be perfect, so it does add a bit of stress during the creating process. This time I made something just because I wanted it and not for any other reason. I have all these flavored loose leaf teas and decided to just use them instead of waiting for a tea party, which rarely happens.

My last tea party was in November, 2010 @ Huntington Library
with Dad & Jenn. Why is she drinking from the carafe?
Why ask why?
     K suggested I use all my fancy teas to make ice tea. I make two pitchers at a time, one in decaf and one in regular. The containers look the same and I can't sleep at night if I drink the wrong one. Which one to choose? K also suggested using a paint pen to write on the container. I thought he was ruining a perfectly crafty opportunity, he probably thought I was crazy.

Plain tea pitchers
      I made these tags one evening while we were watching TV, and by watching I mean listening while we multi-task. I combined two My Mind's Eye lines together. One is Alphabet Soup which is designed for little kid pages, but sometimes you have to look past the intent and to see its usability. I actually won the line, otherwise I would never buy a kiddie line with xylophones and  dinosaurs. But the colors were right in complementing a plainer greenish line, I can't recalled its name. I kept it flat and laminated the tags, since it is for daily use. I used memory thread to make the tag holder. It stays on the flip part of the lid and can easily be removed when washing the containers. I did want one 3-D element, but didn't want it to come off so I hole punched through the laminated tag and used some thicker thread to tie on a button. K thought the tags might get in the way when you pour, but it hangs on the back so your hand holds onto it. Basically it works.

Cute tea pitchers

I had forgotten about making these and was pleasantly surprised the next morning. I was so happy to see its cutesy goodness nestled on its own refrigerator shelf. 

Tea for two

It is nice to be able to craft something practical instead of something that is sitting inside a closed album or on a dusty shelf. Thanks for viewing this!


kmspiker said...

I never think you are crazy. I just enjoy the indignance at the suggestion of using a marker. Hehe. It is beautiful work and is the perfect size that when grasped it's as if there is no tag. Well done gorgeous!

mmspiker said...

OMG what do you mean by feigned indignation! You're getting labels for your tea containers now.

Tammy said...

They definitely add a nice touch! Very creative and cute. ;D

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