Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Proposal via a Mini-album

    Most people think I'm the scrappy one in my family. Actually, I think I just make things the most often, so I get associated with scrapbooking and little creative projects. I remember growing up, my Dad would say, "You're creative, you do this." At work, the same thing would happen and I'd be the one designated to make a gift. I didn't really mind since I did it for the recipient and it is not a bad reputation to have. But there are others out there who are also very scrappy but you wouldn't think of them as such, like Kevin making that Valentine's card or my bro-in-law proposing with a mini-album before I even knew what a mini-album was.

A Very Disney Day:
     Here the layout of this story:

A Royal Engagement Layout
   Vic, Jacob, Kevin and I went to Disneyland together under the pretense of Kevin's birthday. It started as a typical day at Disneyland, doing silly touristy things.

Riding the tram into Disneyland

Pretending to be Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

A Very Memorable Night:

The day ended with dessert at The Blue Bayou restaurant which can be seen from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Over the creme brulee, Jacob pulls out a photo album from his backpack that he had been carrying around all day. He gives it to Vic saying he didn't want her to feel bad that Kevin received presents and she didn't. Meanwhile Kevin is filming this and I'm taking a bunch of photos in this dark setting. 

Vic receiving the album
She is perusing the album which has photos of them and hand written journaling. Impressive right? Towards the end of the thick chipboard album, he glued some of the pages together, then cut out squares from the middle of the pages. This made a  recessed alcove with two doors that opened and can house something inside. 

Vic opening the doors with a surprise inside
This is my favorite photo of Vic, because it shows her reaction at the moment of realization. Isn't it priceless?

Vic's initial reaction

Vic's secondary reaction

There was a diamond ring inside. Isn't that a great proposal via a scrappy mini album? I think it one that scrappers can truly appreciate. Thanks Jacob for letting us be a part of this special memory and this is a belated welcome to the family. I hope I got all the details correct, it has been a few years. Now who is the crafty one in the family? 

Sidenote to the Proposal:

     Remember how I said the restaurant can be seen from the Pirates ride? During this dessert, I heard a voice call out from the darkness, "Hi Michelle!" I couldn't see anyone floating by, but I did recognize the voice from a coworker. When I saw her at work, I told her she interrupted at the exact moment of the proposal over the creme brulee, but I was just kidding. Later, when her boyfriend took her to a restaurant and ordered creme brulee, she said she had a feeling he would be proposing because of the creme brulee in this proposal. And he did. 

More about the Layout:

     Here are some close up photos of the layout. I placed the main 4 x 6 photo overlapping both pages so it did get cut, but the two parts of it could stand alone. One side had the statues and the other side had the people. The bottom smaller photos show the progression of the event.

I really like the ribbon banners I put on the turrets that looked like they were blowing in the breeze. I cut up a skewer from my kitchen for the poles.

I wanted to highlight the time and place, so I printed it and placed it in the O of the title with a popped up crown.

Here are the journaling strips documenting the event.

The patterned papers had cute little animals, so I fussy cut them out and placed them throughout the  layout. There were some trees from the paper that I liked, but they were only about 1 inch high so I paper pieced some larger ones and hand stitched around the edge.

I made this for an Imaginisce color challenge, which was to use yellow, pink and blue, as inspired by this photo. The colors made me think of Sleeping Beauty Castle, which made me remember this event that I had never scrapped. The papers are from Imaginisce's Enchanted collection. There was a castle on the paper, but it was too small and the turrets were green. I enlarged it on my printer and lightened the color, and it became my background die cut piece. 

I based the layout design from an Allison Davis sketch from

Thanks for making it to the end of this long post. This one is dedicated to you Jacob.


debvel said...

maybe Jacob should join us at a scrapbooking event! It sounds like he has the gift. I love the trees.

Becky said...

What a great story!

Liz said...

How fun great story I enjoyed it good luck

Melinda Spinks said...

Congratulations... you've been spied by Imaginisce and your layout is on their blog today!

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