Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Brush with the Metaphysical

What I Saw at the Craft Fair:
    I grew up pretty conservatively and wasn't exposed a lot to metaphysical philosophies. I still don't know what are my chakras and why it needs to be aligned. Recently Kevin and I ended up at a new age Mind and Body Expo. If this was a movie, I'd insert a flashback sequence. "Dolulu, dolulu," from Wayne's World.

     I had originally gone to a craft fair and it was the usual fare - decorations, fudge, jam, nothing out of the ordinary.

Gingerbread Boutique
     Only one booth really caught my attention, it was of wire-wrapped jewelry. I talked to the lady manning it, Diana Enscoe, and she hand picks the stones from vendors around the world and artistically wraps them in gold or silver wire. 

       I had purchased some other wire-wrapped stone pieces and there is a huge difference. I now basically just wear her creations since it it like wearing a piece of art mixed with God's natural creation.  I just wanted to share and highlight talent when I see it. 

Diana's creations
     Here are some more photos I took at her booth. Aren't the stones gorgeous? The heart is just a decoration and not a giant necklace. I would tell you what each stone is, but I can't remember the rock names. A list of her upcoming shows are here, if you are interested. 

My Brush with the Metaphysical:

   A few months later, I wanted to purchase another piece and contacted her. Instead of being at a craft fair, she was at a "Mind, Body and Spirit Expo" at the Pasadena Masonic Lodge. I didn't really know what it was until I got there. Instead of Christmas decorations and homemade jams, the products were sleeping pyramids, gnome books and Buddhist bowls. I was unprepared. 

You can sleep under the pyramid to reduce your stress and have your energies corrected.

The books were on finding real gnomes in life. The bowls were crystal Buddhist bowls and they"sing" while they heal. Kevin tested them out, but more in terms of physics and resonance.

singing Buddhist bowls

I don't want to offend your sensibilities, but Kevin and I were trying not to laugh, especially since the people there took it so seriously. I was like let's get the necklace and run, but Kevin was intrigued by everything and wanted to try everything out and analyze what the vendors were doing. It was so bizarre, but I guess you don't know what is out there if you don't go out and see it. The next time we went to this location was for the Jane Austen Ball. Go figure. 

Jane Austen Ball


Unknown said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing her work... gorgeous and as for the Metaphysical...you can officially declare you've seen WAY more than I ever have... I need to get out more! :-)

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