Saturday, February 19, 2011

My First Printer's Tray Altered Item

Sassy Wall Hanging

Sassy Printer's Tray Wall Hanging
   I entered a challenge that required the use of one of Sassafras' new lines - Paper Crush or Count Me In.

Sassafras' Count Me In line

   I chose Count Me In because I liked the colors better. I ordered it in December, the company was showed in and then went to CHA, so I finally received the papers in February and had to rush to get the project completed before the deadline on 2/18/11. This is the completed project using the printer's tray I was mentioning in my last post. You can see all the submissions here.

Here is the before shot:

Original Tray

Here are some close up shots:

Close ups of the tray

 It was fun to work with new materials and a new concept. I placed the completed project in the kitchen under a painting by Kevin's grandmother who used the same yellow and orange colors, but you can't really tell because I altered the photo. I always think of Thanksgiving when I look at the painting. I thought it was Pilgrims working in the fields. I asked her about it when we were in Ohio visiting her, and she said it was of cornhusk dolls. You never really know the author or artist's inspiration unless you talk to them.

Kitchen Decor

That phone is a real 1913 phone that was reconfigured with a 1970's rotary phone inside. It really works and we did use it sometimes, except now we don't have a line to the house anymore and only use our cell phones. How times have changed. The other thing of note is the train oil lantern. I was looking for one for years with red glass to put in the kitchen. We drove by a run down antique/garage shop somewhere, maybe around Escondido, and bought it for $25. It was so random. My printer's tray is a modern reproduction, but once Kevin and I did stumble upon a real letterpress with the wooden letters and trays at a garage sale. We told a teacher from GHS about it and he bought it for his class, he taught woodshop and ROP classes so it fit his curriculum and he was appreciative. If only I was into altered crafts back then, it would have been a real find. When I think of altered items though, I always remember  a quote from Ty Pennington, "Turning crap to craptacular."


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Soo...yours absolutely rocked!! I looked at the others. Hope I didn't get you in trouble.

mmspiker said...

Thanks for your comment, no you didn't get me in trouble.

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