Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Sneak Peek:
     I've been working on this one project off and on for about a week now, but am still not done, so no crafty posts for now. It is on a new medium for me, but just for my viewers, I can show you a sneak peek at what is to come, please contain your excitement and check your curiosity.

A hint as what is to come
I folded some handmade Japanese washi papers into a fan and added some twine and beads. But how will it be incorporated? Check back to find out, hope you'll be able to sleep at night.

The Kitchen Process:
       Now a smooth transition onto another topic of interest to my readers - kitchen remodeling! When we moved into our house on Christmas Eve, 2002 we started our kitchen renovation process. This is the only picture I could find of that time:

our kitchen, 12/02
It had the drop ceiling with fluorescent lighting, wall paper borders, almond tiles and appliances, electric stovetop and linoleum flooring. It was a cute, 70's country kitchen. We did a lot of work at that time. It is nice to have a smart and handy husband. But he will never hear this since he doesn't read this blog, even though he is a double follower. The conversation was as follows:

M: Do you read my blog?
K: (incredulous) Would you read my tech blog if I wrote one?
M: So I could write whatever I wanted about you and you wouldn't know?
K: I dare you.
(And scene.)

Here is the kitchen after some work was done:

during remodeling, 2/03
I have to point out there is Cindy lurking around. She was such a good dog, so protective and loyal, but is no longer with us. Hanxi is a very different replacement. The changes here were the almond paint was changed to a white, the wall paper border was taken down, the tile countertop was replaced with a black granite, the sink was replace with a larger apron front sink, the stovetop was changed to a gas burner with a new range hood, the ceiling was raised and canned lights put it. We smashed out the almond tile backsplash and put in black and white checkered tiles. Kevin was outside on the driveway cutting tiles and handing them to me through the window and I laid all the tiles on the walls.  We did what we could and hired out for specific projects, like an electrician for the lighting. I see all of Kevin's tools in the foreground. What memories.

kitchen, 2/11

     We lived with the kitchen like that for many years. Then we slowly and periodically changed things, like one summer we had teak hardwood floors put in. Last year we had a dishwasher put in. That one in the 2/03 photo never worked. Kevin liked to say that we did have a dishwasher named Manuel, last name Labour. The last piece was delivered yesterday, so it was only about an 8 year renovation process. Here is the last piece:
The former fridge leaked water that ruined the hardwood floor underneath, so that is why the fridge was replaced, and now all the appliances match. We had three different finishes going on at one time, white stainless steel and black. I'm thinking the kitchen is finally done. But you never know. We updated our kitchen from 1970's to 1870's. Yeah baby.

my antique kitchen

Uhmmmm...how is this related to scrapbooking? I did organize the pantry with Doodlebug's Bon Appetit line of products and came in 2nd in a Doodlebug contest.

pantry drawer labels

kitchen pantry

So what is the point of all this? It is okay to take your time with things. Still go after what you want, but be content with where you are in life, you can live with less than you think you need. Don't let perfection  make you feel inadequate because it is an illusory dream at times. I could have been disliking my kitchen for 8 years, but it was actually one of my favorite rooms even in its mismatched state. It slowly evolved into my dream kitchen but it didn't happen at any one point and I could have missed it because it didn't happen all at once. I guess just take some time to notice those around you and the good things in your life, maybe you achieved a dream that you didn't even realize.

Ta ta for now.


Unknown said...

Hey! When did you guys get a new fridge? I don't remember seeing it last time I was there!

Michelle McClure said...

We got it yesterday, 2/8/11. You can see it in person next time, it is really cool.

Sandy Ang said...

Love how you labelled your pantry!
Thanks for coming to the Best Creation blog hop and being so kind about my quilled flowers.

Unknown said...


I just wanted to drop by to thank you for stopping by my blog to leave a special message to me regarding the pillow boxes I created for the three-day Imaginisce Valentine inspiration blog posts. Second... I loved that you shared your kitchen renovations over the years! And WOW is your kitchen stunning! I've been living with a master bathroom/bedroom renovation for about two years now as we have been doing it as a pay as you go project... and it's taking a lot longer to pay as we go than we planned!! :-) Your post helps me to believe that one day we will actually finish!! :-) (I hope!!) LOL

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