Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Shout Outs

Spring Has Sprung & Clue #2
     I actually finished my big project for the week but won't post it yet as there are so many other topics to discuss. I thought when starting a blog it would be quite a stretch to find anything to write about. Actually I have too many ideas brimming around my head at all hours. I started a list and will try to gradually chip away at it.
    Yesterday I was in the backyard cleaning up after my dogs when I was surprised by the first signs of spring. I have several purple plum trees that are in their bare branch winter state, but suddenly there were a few baby pink blossoms! I was so excited I went to grab my camera. The blossoms only come out for one week during the year so you have to appreciate it when they do appear.

plum blossoms in the yard, 2/9/11
I've always had a special affinity for plum blossoms since it is the national flower of Taiwan.

Taiwan's national symbol
Actually, it is due more to my Chinese last name: 梅 (mei) which means plum, but when you say it in Chinese because of all the homophones, you always say 梅花 的 梅 (plum as in plum blossom). For those of you who know me as MeiWen 文, now you know about the Mei, I'll talk about the Wen another time. I've always thought of the plum blossom as my family's symbol, like the yellow chrysanthemum is associated with the Japanese imperial family. 

Japanese imperial seal
Today's lesson: Even if you are mired in crap, there could still be something beautiful there.
Relation to Scrappin': The photo is the second clue as to what I'm up to. 

Dear Ol' Dad
      Speaking of the original Mei, my dad is the one who translated Melyan into Mei in Chinese. He has been going to a weekly Wednesday night dinner with some of his friends in Taipei since the mid-70s. Their group was featured in the American Chamber of Commerce Taiwan magazine, Topics, January 2011 edition. You can find the link to the article here, but it doesn't include the photos. 

Article of my Dad's WNOF group, Wednesday Night Old Farts

There he is in the turquoise shirt,
I didn't think you wore that color,
so that is what you really do at dinner

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
     I participated in a blog hop over at Imaginisce, left a comment on Melinda Spink's blog and actually won the entire line of their new release - Animal Crackers. Isn't it a totally cute line? Now I have to find a way to incorporate a circus theme into my layouts. 

Imaginisce's Animal Crackers Line
So I have to give a shout out to Imaginisce. Take a look at all their designer's creations here on their blog. I also have to say to take a look at Melinda Spink's blog here if you want to be dazzled by her ingenuity and detailed work. I was more intrigued by her life on an Australian farm with a 23 student schoolhouse on the property. I'm so glad I'm not teaching a 32 student classroom this year with paper thin walls. 

Melinda Spink's layout, look at how many little flowers she hand punched
Also on Imaginisce's blog, one of their projects really jumped out at me. It was these adorable pillow boxes from Beth Moore.

Beth Moore's Valentine project
You can see moore of her work here, sorry bad pun. I left a comment and she actually wrote back and is now a follower. In the words of Wayne and Garth, "We're not worthy!"


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Congrats on winning all of that great stuff! I won some things off of a blog once. Free scrapbooking stuff is always good! =)

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