Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Cards for the Kiddies

     I never really liked the little cards the kids pass out for Valentines. I don't think they really qualify as cards, maybe a cardette. Anyways, I made some real cards for Isaiah to pass out at his first Valentine's Day party at his preschool. I tried to keep it simple in case all they do is spill punch and tear it up, and I tried to keep it toddler friendly so they don't untie ribbons and poke themselves with brads. I used Fancy Pants (try saying that imitating Geoff from Craig Ferguson) Splendid Valentine Cards paper. The cool thing was I needed 12 cards and there were 12 different designs on one sheet.

Fancy Pants Splendid Valentine paper line

I also used some Martha Stewart ribbon tape so the kids can't unravel the ribbon. Here are the finished cards:

Lined up all the way down the pool table

So cute all together

close up of two

inside of card: Vic wanted a photo included so
there is Isaiah with his favorite lullaby friend

I made three more cards for his teachers. I could make it a bit more elaborate this time around. I had seen a card on Kristina Werner's blog where she put the buttons below the paper with a punch out window. I had only seen buttons popped up on the card and not recessed below so wanted to try this technique. I scraplifted her card on my first attempt, and then got further and further away from the original as I made more. It is like when you make a recipe you follow it the first time as is, then you change it up in subsequent meals, and finally you don't look at the recipe anymore. 

teacher cards

inside of teacher cards

I hope the cards make it back home so the parents can see. It will be wrapped inside a clear cellophane baggie with a paint set and a candy. 

My students usually like the Valentine party second best behind the Christmas party. My classroom Valentine project was to put the students into Raphael's Sistine Madonna painting as one of the angels. I always tried to incorporate scrapbooking ideas and supplies into the classroom. They really liked it and always thought of new ways to use the supplies. 

Valentine projects hanging on window
of my classroom

my sample, didn't want to show close up of my students' faces

This is what they don't show you, the aftermath of a project. 

the creative process is not always neat

Now I have to go clean that up, another reason why I don't really scrap that much, just enough to feel like I used some of my mental capacities. 


Tammy said...

Wow, Michelle! I'm really impressed with your Valentine's cards! I also really like the display you did on your classroom window! Very clever and creative!

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