Friday, April 8, 2011

Catching Up

New News:
Hey everyone, long time no see. Kevin had spring break last week so we were running around, including hosting a sleepover party at our house for the boys' volleyball team and then taking our own mini-vacation to Santa Barbara, which I will post more on later. It is so gorgeous there! Also, a lot has been happening in my scrapbooking world and I was waiting for the dust to settle, before I shared.

Isaiah's birthday card

  • First of all, that silly mustachioed card of Isaiah just went crazy. I received 20 comments on that post, as opposed to 1 on my last project. I entered it in Imaginisce's March challenge and actually won. Here is a  link to their blog if you want to see the announcement plus join in on the April challenge. I know Jacob will ask me what I won - I had a choice of $75 worth of paper collections or an i-Top tool kit. I chose the i-Top kit because it is a new tool that I don't have and probably wouldn't ever buy because its function is so specific. You can basically make your own custom brads from paper or fabric. I was thinking I'd try to make bows for my dogs' collars and put a fabric covered brad as the center.
  • Imaginisce i-top tool
  • I also submitted the card to a scrapbook magazine and it was chosen for the July issue. But all images have to be pulled prior to publication. I'm not sure if Imaginisce would take it off their blog so I just declined the offer. Sorry Isaiah, you won't be seen by the masses. 
  • Another goal of mine was to be more involved with a scrapbooking store. I applied and got accepted but I can't disclose where or what I'm going to be doing until April 15th, so stay tuned. I'm really excited about this opportunity. I wonder where it will lead. 

Old News:
Don't worry about me getting a big head or anything. Not everything I do meets with success. I didn't get on MLS design team. Actually my last remaining scrapbooking goal is to get on a manufacturer's design team. I need something to aim for so I won't stay stagnant. I have to admit, the things I make specifically for an application process don't turn out that great, it is kind of like writing a story for a final exam as opposed to leisurely on your own. It doesn't feel natural and it is made under pressure. I think the things that I make for challenges and assignments turn out much better. There is no pressure at that point, I don't really care if I win a challenge and for an assignment you're already on the team.

I usually make things based on other people's sketches, but lately I started drawing in a sketch book and designing my own cards. I shared one idea with Kevin last night and he was laughing and said, "Who would you give that to?" It was a risky idea, especially if the recipient doesn't have a sense of humor. I'll share it with you all when I make it.

Right now I wanted to share with you two of my projects that I submitted to MLS, but they are still cute in their own right.

Glass  Pendants
I went to some scrapbooking expos and I saw some booths that taught you how to make glass pendants. I bought some supplies and made these. The images are from scrapbooking papers, there is a glass tile on top, a bail on the back and ribbon threaded through as the chain. They are really cute and I've actually purchased some from Etsy before as gifts. Now I can totally make my own gifts. Anyone need a necklace? Someone already took the pink butterfly one but there are three left.

First Card Prototype
I made this card first, but didn't really like it for some reason so I did not submit this one. I did like the curly vine coming off the pea pod which is the only thing I kept for my next card.

Second Card

This one came out really elegant and I was more satisfied with this one. I made it to fit inside a plastic box I recycled from Kevin's earphone packaging.

The sentiment reads, "We go together like two peas in a pod." I bought some fried pea pods from Trader Joes, they taste like potato chips, and put them behind the card inside the box. I thought it was a cute idea.

Tomorrow is the big shindig for Isaiah here at my house. Over 60 people are attending so I hope it goes well. I made some more Cars themed items for the party, so stay tuned for those reveals. I hope you are all doing well.

Take care,


Michelle Hinkes said...

I'm very impressed! I'm proud that you followed your heart and it lead you to create such successfully creative pieces of art. Quite inspired.

Becky said...

I am so happy for you! Congrats on all or your accomplishments thus far and I'm sure there will be many more to come! Looking forward to seeing those Cars projects. :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your win over at Imaginisce...and for your publication selection too! As for Design Teams... the thing is, you just never know exactly what they may be looking for... or how many crafters they want with regard to their personal crafting style... I understand what you mean TOTALLY when you talk about feeling more pressure when you submit for a DT than for assignments or challenges... the key is to keep applying though... I can't even tell you the number of teams that have passed me over... WAY more than I've been on that's for sure! At any rate, I have no doubt you will reach your goal...and then some!!!

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