Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Delectable Sushi Card

Travels to Kyoto, Japan

Japanese doll

My sister, Jenn, is in Kyoto this week with Dad for her spring break and she sends me these photos, so of course I have to post them. I guess she is having a good time, you can decide. Lesson learned - be careful what you send to people.

Japanese noodle ad
Sakura blooming

When she was in college she participated in an exchange program with Doshisha University in Kyoto. She lived with a host family that took really good care of her and treated her like a member of the family. 

Jenn at Doshisha University
Kevin and I visited Kyoto last summer with our two tour guides - Dad and Jenn. Both are fluent in Japanese and knew the lay of the land. My Dad also studied there when he was in graduate school at Kyoto University. We even saw the house my parents lived in as students around the time I was born. Ahh the memories...

Dad's graduate housing
We also met up with Jenn's host family and they prepared a build your own sushi roll dinner. 

Jenn's host family

Sushi Card

The night before Jenn was leaving for Japan I got the idea to send a thank you card with her to give to her host family and I wanted to incorporate sushi somehow. I saw some side step cards recently and decided to try my hand at one. I watched a video on Youtube to see how to make one and here is my result.

Sushi Side Step Card

It has many layers so you can add various items to each step. I cut out a sentiment from a piece of patterned paper for the first layer "Pack yo", then a photo, lastly a handwritten note below the main sentiment and main embellishment. The card splits into two parts so on the left non-stepped side I printed out a photo of a Japanese candy ad. I thought the girl looked like she could be saying the main sentiment which is, "The sushi was delicious" in Japanese which I had Jenn write in later under the sushi. 

Side View

Handmade Sushi Embellishment 

If you ever had a need for fake sushi embellishments, here is my secret. I cut a strip about 1.5 inches long of 1" black electrical tape and laid it flat. On top I placed a layer of cotton, then a few pieces of ribbon and fiber. I rolled it together like how you would with sushi and then cut it into 4 pieces. They are so small and cute and really look like the real deal. That was my favorite part of the card even though I was running around the house thinking, "What looks like seaweed? What can be used for rice? How can I get some crab and avocado?" But I figured it out. If you'd like to make your own side step card, here is a template with the measurements. There is a lot of measuring, one cut and a lot of scoring and folding, but it isn't too difficult and is a nice variation from the standard card shape. Think outside the rectangle. 
Japanese Candy Box

Jenn, Dad and host Dad with Sakura

Dad and Jenn met up with the host family this trip already. I wonder what they thought of the card. 

Have fun making your own embellishments!
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