Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Little Baby Gift

News Update:

Jillibean Soup's Chilled Strawberry Soup Collection
  • I had my first design team meeting with Pages from the Heart and am very excited at what I'll be doing there. For now I have three projects that I'll be making with Jillibean Soup's Chilled Strawberry Soup line that will be displayed in the store. I finished two of them, but can't show you until it posts on Pages' blog.  They did turn out really cute and one of them features my two nieces, hey girls! I can even develop classes based on my projects to be taught in the store. But I don't know if I can teach adults after teaching 8 year olds for so long. What if I write participants' names on the board for talking to their neighbors and not paying attention in class? Haha. Come on by the store for your scrappy shopping needs and you can see all the DT's submissions which are now displayed.
  • Sketchabilities has its next reveal this Saturday, April 30th. We are also choosing a guest designer for May from the entries received from the April 15th sketch. It could have been you! No, it really could have been. 
My Commissioned Set:
I received a commissioned request from my mom, I wouldn't charge her in case you were wondering. She bought some baby items as a gift and wanted me to wrap it and make it card. Here are the final products:

Baby gift container and stand up card
The Background:
Iced Milk drink with pudding
and honey boba
There is a local tea shop called Half & Half Tea House where the wait is over half an hour for a cup of tea to go, and even longer for a table during prime hours. They have all kinds of flavors and added ingredients, think Starbucks for the Asian crowd. Their signature is the honey boba tea. Kevin and I decided to check it out to see if it was worth the hype. I ordered the iced milk green tea with boba and Kevin had the grapefruit black tea with lychee jelly. Both were excellent and it is worth a trip during the non-crowded times. But at close to $5.00 a cup, we decided to try and replicate the drink at home. We mixed black tea with a bit of grapefruit juice, cut up some lychee jelly and it tasted pretty similar. 

Lychee jelly bites
Now where am I going with this? The lychee jelly came in little bite sized packs, they are actually shaped like hearts but I don't think you can tell in the photo. The packs are contained in a larger tub with a cute little handle. It seemed like there were over 50 packs and it cost less than one cup of tea. We chopped up a bunch of the jellies at once and just added a bit to a cup of iced tea whenever we wanted for a fresh fruity taste. 

When I saw the size of the baby gifts from my mom, I thought they might fit in the lychee jar. I decorated the jar a bit and it was a simple but more unique way to package a gift. Here are some close ups. 

Label with wired baby word

Altered lychee jar with handle
The Card:
The card is pretty cool too. I originally saw free standing pop-up card idea from Imaginisce's blog featuring design team member Rhonda V's totally awesome card. What I liked most is that the card folds down flat but can be opened up to have its own little stand. I like the cards with different shapes and varied dimensions. This one is a little trickier than the side step sushi card, and I had to make some adjustments to get it to freely stand. It is all one connected card, the sentiment part retracts inside the base when you compress it. If you'd like to make one, you can find the directions and measurements here at Split Coast Stampers.

Card popped up on stand

Card folded flat

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