Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tribute to Cindy

Undeniably Cindy
Last photo of Cindy (black dog)
I wanted to make a better tribute page to Cindy, my little loyal friend who passed away a few years back. I felt a bit undeserving of her fierce loyalty. She'd follow me from room to room and spring into action at any sign of a threat. One vivid memory I can recall was when she was sprawled out in front of my bedroom door, like she was asleep. As soon as my dad approached and knocked, she leapt into action, barked and attacked his socks. It make two holes in them too. I thought he would be mad, but he actually admired her alert guard dog behaviors. She did tear up a lot of sheets and socks with her unnecessary protectiveness towards friends and family, but it did come in handy when I was asleep by myself and burglars broke in. Overall, I appreciated her steadfast loyalty. She would be sitting underneath my desk right now as I type this if she was still here.

Top Ten Reasons to Love Cindy
I typed out a top ten list for Cindy. But mostly the reasons show her concern for me and wouldn't endear her to anyone else. Don't get a schipperke if you want a friendly, social dog that can be easily petted by visitors. People could pet Cindy if they followed a set protocol, but mostly people don't want to follow rules, so she just ignored them. But she was sweet to me, and here she is:

In Memoriam of Cindy

The top ten list:

Reasons to love Cindy
The Details
I layered another banner above the banner printed on the paper and overlapped it with the photo.

3-D banner

Here is the title which I hand cut another black layer underneath to create a shadow. I paper pieced a ball to look like the one she would play with when she was a puppy.

Title and embellishments
The Sketch
I found a new sketch site that has weekly layout and card sketches, along with monthly prizes if you link your projects. This is based on Sassy Lil' Sketches, June 14th reveal. 

  • I did a mirror image of the sketch because of direction Cindy and I were facing in the main photo. 
  • Instead of journaling strips, I made a journaling block because I had more to say. I replaced two of the background blocks with one larger journaling block.
  • I added three photos in place of the squares. To break up the look, I added some ribbon, twine and buttons to three of the patterned paper squares. 
Cindy was a good little dog. Thanks for looking. 


wendipooh13 said...

what a great page to tribute to your friend!!!! sooo sorry for your loss... wonderful page!!! thanks soo much for playing along with Sassy Lil Sketches!!!

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