Monday, June 6, 2011

Ex-Squeeze Me? Is this for real?

Spied Again
On Friday, I was updating my gallery at 2 Peas. After starting a blog, I found it difficult to keep up with both sites. I have all these cool projects done that I still want to share with you. Anyways, I managed to place a few older items into my gallery. One of them was this lemonade tag I had previously blogged about.

Lemonade Tag
Sketchabilities layout sketch
It was based on a Sketchabilities single paged layout sketch. I was actually kind of embarrassed to turn it in to Sketchabilities or post in a public gallery since it is kind of silly. That same night it was spotted by a design team member of Imaginisce and placed on their blog. Here is the post where I was spied upon, along with two other people. Basically they feature people who use their products that they spot on public sites.

My Own Blog Post on Imaginisce
That was on Friday, which was already an unexpected honor. But then on Monday morning, I received a much bigger shock by opening their blog and seeing my giant headshot staring back at me. I won their May challenge and they dedicated the entire post to me. I found this kind of crazy. I basically only follow two company blogs, Imaginisce and Sketch Support (besides personal blogs) so I never thought I would be featured on there. They have some of the best designers from around the world on their design team. Here is the link to that post. It was about the car with Isaiah and the koala bear that can fold flat, but I didn't post that pic since they look like roadkill.

Isaiah & Koala Card

LED headlights with push button
Two things of note on that post -
     1. Kevin is kind of in one photo and is mentioned by name. I bet he never thought he'd be on a major scrapbooking blog. 
     2. Isaiah is named as my son. I wonder if Vic will be offended, especially since it was spelled Isiah. 

I had previously won another challenge on their site featuring Vic, Jacob and Isaiah with mustaches. I think my silly stuff meet with more success than my more serious work. Why is that? The lesson I learned is I should feature Isaiah in funny situations more often. 

I just finished a layout by dripping real coffee on the background. Stay tuned for that one.

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