Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Visit to Chiang Kai-Shek's Memorial

      During the summer Kevin, Jenn and I visited my Dad in Taiwan. Even though I lived there for over 10 years, I had never visited the central patriotic hub, Liberty Square. It looked so impressive every time we drove past it. My other sister, Vic, even performed Broadway songs in the theater (one of the two red buildings flanking the memorial) with a singing troupe.

Liberty Plaza in Taipei
My Dad took us to visit Chaing Kai-shek's Memorial Hall, which is the building in the center.

Approaching Chiang Kai-shek's memorial
We were so excited to arrive:
K taking everything so seriously

Inside were displays of some of his artifacts like his limo and office:

The gift shop sold items created by his great grandson fusing Asian and Western pop art designs, which I had never seen in Taiwan before.

I purchased one of the postcards that were reminiscent of Andy Warhol's style. When I saw it, I knew I would circle punch out the designs and use them as an embellishment along with the 10 NT coin. Also, when I saw a sketch from Liz Qualman that had all these circles on it, I knew it would be perfect for this layout.

The thing I remember most about this trip which didn't make the layout, was getting totally drenched during the walk from the Memorial to the parking garage. Always carry an umbrella around in Taiwan. 


Svetlana Austin said...

hi Michelle! I enjoyed your little photo-tour, and I like very much how you incorporeted those circles in your LO! I looking forward working with you on the DT and to be inspired! (Svetlana)

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