Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Isaiah's Birthday Extravaganza

Future Unveilings:
      I've made 4 layouts for Sketchabilities and submitted them to the moderator. But I can't post them until the reveal dates which are on the 15 and 30th of each month, April - June.
      I also have some items I made for MLS design team call which I can't show until April 1st. So stay tuned for those fun reveals.

Handmade Items for the Rugrat:
     I was working on some party favors last night and Kevin was once again marveling at the work involved and I know he was thinking, "It's not worth it" even though he said,  "Going the extra mile?"
     I decided to get more involved with digital scrapbooking, especially for mass production projects. For this seemingly innocuous tag, I used three separate programs. First I edited the photo in iPhoto, then I motion blurred the background in Photoshop, and lastly I assembled a tag in QuarkXPress. I don't know if I'm cut out for this since technology easily frustrates me, but I'm married to tech support so I can't complain.
Isaiah's Digital Birthday Tag

The ribbon, paper and photo corners are all digital elements which prints out flat, and doesn't seem that cute in person. After I laminated it for 4 year old durability, I decided to go for a hybrid look (digital + traditional techniques). Then the tag did look better. On the 2-D tag, I added some buttons, baker's twine and
Hybrid Tag
i-Rocked on some metal accents. The textures and dimension helped. I'm sure the kids will appreciate the upgraded look.

On the front of the box I went with a Disney Cars theme. I purchased a digital kit online. It is basically a file of separate Cars themed clipart that you can put together. I made a Lightning McQueen vignette.

Box front
Party Favors

Initially, Vic didn't want a theme for Isaiah's birthday. I said since I'm making the favors anyways, it would easier if there was a theme. I knew he liked Cars so I chose it. The cake will be decorated with a Cars motif and Isaiah picked the flavor combination. You'll have to come to find out his choice.  Here are all 22 favors lined up for the par-tay!

Awaiting the children
More Items for the Rugrat:
Isaiah is officially a rugrat as it states on his ID tag, the one he is wearing in the photo above.

I made a sign for his bedroom as part of his birthday present set, entitled, "Isaiah's Vroom!" The frame was actually a framed Christmas poem which I purchased in an after Christmas sale, but I liked the built in matts so I got it for this project. Notice the similarity with the tongue poses.

Kevin also made an altered item for Isaiah. He took the paper placemat from a restaurant and made it into a mask using only his pocket knife which Isaiah wore throughout lunch. These are the hings you do to entertain a three year old.

I hope you found some inspiration and are doing well, thanks for reading!


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