Monday, March 7, 2011

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New Year's Resolutions:
      Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year? How are you coming along with them? I usually half-heartedly make some, attempt them for a bit, then forget about them. This year I really did put in the effort and took concrete steps towards achieving my main one. I think I've mentioned that I wanted to pursue becoming a member of a scrapbooking design team (DT), but I don't think I told you that it was my New Year's resolution. That is the main reason for starting this blog and getting my friends and family to follow me, hope you don't regret it. I see I even have actual scrapbooking followers now.

     I applied to three DT calls, and was not picked for the first two. I was a bit disappointed and decided to regroup and focus on developing as a scrapbooker, like in the "Finding Your Way" class I'm taking right. I had forgotten about my third application, so I was kind of shocked to receive a congratulatory email this Saturday morning. I can't believe I did achieve my New Year's resolution, and so early in the year too! I will be working with Sketchabilities starting in April. You can view the site here  and see the blogs of the other new members. The site will post a new sketch twice a month, at the middle and end of each month, you make your own layout and link it to the post within two weeks. If you prefer making cards, there is also a Cardabilities blog. Here is the current sketch if you'd like to join in with Mr. Linky and DT member Helga Vergara's take on it:

I'm really excited to work with the other designers and will keep you all updated. My first reveal will be on April 15th, tax day, so stay tuned. 

Bloggy New Look:

      I did give my blog a new makeover. My original blog design was something I made just to get my blog up and running. I also have to admit, it was the first digital scrapbooking item I made so I have a special fondness for it, but I never intended for it to be permanent. This little thing is comprised of 11 separate elements and numerous layers. I decided to purchase a premade blog template, so I hope I didn't disappoint you with that fact. I don't know how to talk to the computer in HTML code yet and don't have the desire to learn. I guess I'm more of a traditional scrapper than a digiscrapper. 
My original blog header

Volleyball Season Commences: 

      I usually associate the beginning of the boy's volleyball season with the Teachers vs. JV and Alumni vs. Varsity games night. It is the one time a year I play volleyball and I'm always surprised I can still play and get some kills. Here's some proof:
Me hitting around the block
Two of the JV boys were my former third grade students, they really grow up fast. Kevin really likes seeing the Alumni return, like children returning back to the roost. He's much more eloquent and expressive in his missives. Here is one of his recent Facebook status, "Having my former players come back and work with me is like being a father and seeing your son grow up to be a man. I just stand there with a stupid grin of pride. Thanks to all of you who have given back." 

     After watching varsity play for the first time this season, I know it is going to be a good one. 

Alumni vs. Varsity


ghsmcclure said...

Thanks for the shout out in regards to Vball season. I am proud but not in the least surprised about your being chosen.

debvel said...

I'm excited you were chosen.

Jenn Melyan said...

CONGRATS!! *confetti*

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