Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anaheim Scrapbook Expo

Cruising the Vendor Booths:
     Jenn and I attended the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo this past weekend. Prior to going to our first expo, Jenn asked what it would be like. I surmised, "I think it will be a horde of women carrying giant totes all grabbing at patterned papers." Here is a shot Jenn took of me on the vendor floor:

Scrapbook Expo Vendor Booths
Was my prediction accurate?

Our Copic Marker Class:
The hot commodity this time around were copic markers, the kind manga artists use to color their designs. People were buying them like hotcakes, and at $5 per marker, that really adds up.

This is a card colored with copic markers by Nichol Magouirk

     Jenn and I attended a copic marker class, where we learned several coloring techniques. Since it was a technique class, I don't have a finished product to show you. I thought these would be another fad, something a scrapper just had to have du jour. I was wondering why aren't regular markers good enough anymore? After attending the class, I totally understand the fervor. It is mainly used for blending. See the shading in the clouds and grass in the card above? It is achieved by blending several different shades of the same color together. If you color over a dark color with a lighter marker, the colors blend naturally and the lighter marker does not get ruined. I know I always disliked my yellow marker tip getting dirty. Even if you color directly on a yellow copic marker with a black marker, you can just color on paper, the black ink gets transferred to the paper and the yellow tip looks as good as new. There really are advantages to this product that can't be achieved with a regular set of markers. For Christmas Kevin bought me a set and now I feel confident in trying them out. I was too scared to use them prior to this. Yup, I asked for markers for Christmas in lieu of jewelry, what a scrappy nerd.

Seen Around Town:
      I've never been to the Anaheim Convention Center before, it is really quite impressive. We took some silly photos outside. 

At the front of the convention center with a view of California Disney

A golf convention was happening
at the same time,
you could easily spot the difference
between all the attendees
       Unfortunately, the scrappers were relegated to the dark, warehouse-like basement. The golfers and cheerleaders got the prime first floor location. My dad said the convention center had their priorities correct. I'm assuming he is a golf fan and not a cheerleading fan. 

All day and night mega crop
At a Prima make and take, I told Jenn not to put flowers
on her face, so she puts them on her ears, sigh
A must if you are in the area -
Joe's Italian Ice,
like Philly water ice
with custard and real fruit

We did a lot in the short time we had and tried to see and learn as much as we could. Jenn even won a prize. I'll share some of the projects I made in another post.
Jenn won a door prize, first time ever for either of us,
she is putting her Meisner acting skills to the test

 We laughed, we cried, we ate Italian ice in the rain. Sometimes it is more about the experience together rather than the actual expo itself that is memorable. 


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Wish I could have had Joe Lati's with you. Maybe one year il go to this with ya. Hahah

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