Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paper Made Bakery: Dryer Sheet Money Holders

I was reading a section Tipnut's blog entitled, "20+ Crafts to Make from Recycled Items". The one item that caught my eye was dryer sheet envelopes which sounded so awesome if it really worked. I tried it, made some minor variations and I totally love the results!

Dryer Sheet Money Holders

It takes regular smooth paper and transforms it into textured, handmade looking expensive Japanese washi paper. If you would like to learn more and create your own money wallet, please hop on over to today's post on Paper Made Bakery where I show you the process. It really is quite quick and painless to make. It looks and smells great in person too.

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Mary Jo said...

That is pretty amazing! :)

SV said...

You did an awesome job! I love that you tried it out and had fun!!!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

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