Friday, June 8, 2012

My Cousin's Wedding

The Wedding
Last Saturday I attended my cousin's beautiful wedding at a mansion in San Juan Capistrano. 
John and Mina's Wedding
The Scrappy Details
Everything was perfect and they had their own special touches, like having Yogurtland cater their dessert, which was the site of one of their first dates. Being scrapbooker, I noticed all the crafty details.

Since the ceremony was outside during the day, guests received paper umbrellas as sunshade. 

I loved the painted sky in the foyer of the mansion, as shown here with the bride and bridesmaids. 

The flower arrangements were gorgeous, I especially loved the roses emersed in water within the vase.

There were cake pops of the bridal party on a decorative cake. The cake pops were edible but not the central cake.

The cake was located on the reception table where guests signed in and looked at wedding photos of both sets of parents. 

I hope the cake pops were for public consumption as my nephew ate two of them.

Besides the decorative cake, there was the real cake with their caricatures on top. 

Their caricatures were on the invitations, program and the complimentary photos take at the photo station. 

The wedding colors were Tiffany blue and orange as seen here in the overhead garland of paper lanterns which hung over the patio where the reception was held.

The place cards for the banquet were hung on a paper lantern arch. 

I made an album of the engagement photos for guests to view at the sign in table. I had planned to share  photos of the layouts in today's posts, but it is already too photo laden. Another day, then. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I know you diligently planned the wedding and it all turned out perfectly. 

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Becky said...

Looks like it was a fun wedding!

marrinaw said...

Glad you noticed a lot of the details that many missed! :D Hope you had a good time. The scrapbook was so beautiful, it's currently sitting on our coffee table opened to our favorite page.

zerry ht said...

Their wedding was so amazing. My favorite photos are the last two. I am sure everyone had an incredible time in this party. The décor ideas are just so beautiful and I would love to copy these for my wedding day that will be hosted soon at the local convention center.

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