Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you will all have a lovely day. I was so surprised to receive a box of chocolates in the mail today. Thanks so much kind friend!

News to Share:
I made some scrapbooking resolutions in January 2011 and I have been working on trying to achieve them. One of my goals which I thought was elusive was to get published in a magazine. I've been featured on some blogs and online magazines, but was wondering if I could ever get published in a handheld, physical medium. I made a wall hanging which will be featured in "Create: Idea Book Series" in the July 2012 Home Decor issue. So I guess technically I'm in a book, which is even better.

Chadelier Wall Hanging
I can't believe my wall art was chosen, because that is something I usually don't make. I usually make cards and layouts. I can't post any photos of my project until August. If you just can't wait, it will be displayed at Pages from the Heart after I get it back from being professionally photographed. So fancy!

Valentine Card:
I made a Valentine's Day card with Kevin in mind, so I kept is no frills, and tied it in to his favorite pursuit, technology.

Masculine Valentine Card
This also got picked up by a magazine, Cricut Magazine: Card Idea Book, August 2012 edition.

He really likes all things Mac so I cut 24 little apples with my Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook cartridge). The apples are round, but on the one red one I hand cut out a bite, so it looks more like the Apple logo and also because he got picked. I typed the sentiment and ran the patterned paper (Authentique) through my printer. I don't like my handwriting so I try to think ahead and type the sentiments and arrange it in the right place. If you like your own handwriting, it'd be easier to just write it after everything is glued in place. I drew in two tiny apple seeds to continue my apple theme. I drew in some lines and a frame using a pen and ruler to finish the card. I kept everything simple and streamed line, and tried to refrain from the extra layers and embellishments that I'd normally want to add in there.

We actually celebrated Valentine's Day one day earlier since Kevin had Monday off from work. Guess where we went before the secret restaurant he chose? The Apple Store! He wanted to see the newly remodeled one in Pasadena. I usually obtain a glassy stare upon entering, but I have to say one new thing to note was that the usual typed display tags were replaced with iPads. Each piece of equipment had its own iPad detailing its features and functions. Can you believe we have devices that seemed so far fetched in Star Trek? The point is, the card was perfect!

Come by again on Wednesday to see my new Paper Made Bakery reveal!

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Heidi said...

Congrats on being published!! Cute card.

Dayna Sabrina said...

Good point. Those little tablets were the sign of the future weren't they? Nice to see another Star Trek fan!

Debbie Fabanish said...

Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on being published! Your wall art project was just fabulous.

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