Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Wale of a Time

Sorry for the long absence on my blog. I was cruising around the UK with my family over the summer so I've been out of commission with my scrapbooking. But I did garner a lot of photo inspiration for future projects. Here is one of my favorite photos from my trip.

We took a self timed shot with the camera on the ground as we leaned forward. This is for a "Welcome to Wales" cover shot for the digital album I'm making for my family, so they'll have a record of the trip. 

For part of our trip, we stayed in a little town in SW Wales called Laugharne (rhymes with yarn). You've got to love that a town of fewer than 3,000 people has their own castle.

Along with a castle, Laugharne also housed poet, Dylan Thomas, during the last four years of his life. Our resort was really close to his former house and we walked by a few times. Near his house is a little shed that he used for writing purposes. My dad is peeking in the window.

Here is the interior view of Dylan Thomas' writing shed, set up as he would have had it set up. 

His house and shed overlook the Taf estuary and the views are just gorgeous. 

Our resort afforded the same views and I really felt like I was in Hawaii and not in Wales. The locals were ecstatic about the weather as they hadn't had a sunny summer for the past four years. I didn't have a chance to use the umbrellas and rain gear that I packed. 

Right outside our cabin was a red British phone booth. My hubby and I couldn't resist taking some photos there. 

I really enjoyed my time in Laugharne and traveling to some of the other towns in southern Wales.  It was a peaceful contrast to the second part of my trip which was spent in London. If you are considering a trip to the UK, I'd highly recommend Wales. Scrappy posts will soon be forthcoming. 

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Unknown said...

Makes me want to go there.

D's Paper Studio said...

What wonderful memories to scrapbook. It is wonderful to make memories for the scrapbook...isn't that what it is all by itself? I love the photos of the phone booths. I know they are removing the working ones from service in England. I imagine they are being purchased by collectors. Again, wonderful photos and memories.

Elise (lilgik) said...

beautiful pictures and i'm sure you'll have fun scrapping them!

Isbaha said...

Sounds like a great trip !

Staci said...

Beautiful photos! TFS and have a great weekend!

Madeline said...

Thanks for sharing some of your trip photos! It's the only way I'll "get there"! LOL! If I had views like Dylan Thomas, I could write poetry too!

Dictionary said...

What a great shot for your front page, I was in UK and have to admit it, the place is oh so charming.

Fleursbydesign said...

I am from Wales, it's pretty amazing. I would live to go back for a visit :)

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