Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do You Have What it Takes to be ScrapFIT?

Repaired bears
Let There be Light:
Yeah electricity! We finally got power back after a week of no cell service, internet or electricity. It felt very primitive and Little House on the Prairie like, trying to get all the chores done before the waning light. It really gave me an appreciation for connectivity and extended daylight. At least I had family members who let me visit their home in the evenings.  I don't know how the Amish do this on a daily basis. 
The gale force winds were really powerful, besides all the trees and power lines that were knocked over, my wooden hanging bears both had their arms severed and blown away. I had to search for it among the tree branches littering the lawn. My hubby repaired them with wires so they are fine now and can withstand the next attack. 

                            ScrapFIT Design Team Call:
My six month term is rapidly drawing to a close with ScrapFIT and now there is an open call for anyone interested in applying for the new term which will begin in February for another six months. The basic requirement is to turn in two challenges a month. You can read about all the details here on ScrapFIT's blog post. I really enjoyed my time on the team and found the workouts both fun and challenging. The experience really allowed me to utilize my creativity and grow as a scrapper. 

Here is a traipse down memory lane to give you an idea of what transpired on the team for me:

Workout #49: Put a Banner on It
Workout #50: Be Inspired by a Book
Workout #51: Salt and Pepper

Workout #52: Sketchy Thursday's sketch

Workout #53: The Journaling Goes Round
Workout #54: It All Adds Up
Workout #55: Christmas Card
Workout #56: Technically Inclined
 Workout #57: Word of the Year

If this is something you are interested in, please try applying for the team. 

There are still three more reveals so it isn't all over yet for me.
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