Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look What I Can Do! Scrapping with a 5 Year Old

His Interests
My 5 year old nephew had the flu so I babysat him for a week until his fever rescinded. So amidst the sword fighting, Transformers, paper airplanes, naps and reading of books with 3 letter short vowel sounds, I snuck in some scrapbooking and card making for him.

Re-enacting the final battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan on rocks in lava, dressing up as a knight king
My Interests

I remember reading a blog post on Sketch Support, which has since closed, where the designers used sketches and had their kids make layouts or cards. I thought I'd try the same technique with him. I had him look through an Allison Davis sketch book, and he picked out this 5 photo sketch. 

He chose 5 photos from one of my digital files and I printed them out in the various sizes. He chose his background and matting papers. Here he is positioning his photos. 

He used a tape runner for the first time and was wondering why the glue wasn't wet. The only thing I did was trim the two blue rectangles for him. 

He chose his own embellishments and adhered everything onto the background page himself. We used Best Creation's Loops and Scoops collection. I had won that collection but never used it and it was a perfect all inclusive pack which matched the amusement park theme of the photos.

He wrote, "I had a fun day" on the journaling tag and I added the location and date.

That was Isaiah's first layout and it took about an hour including choosing and printing the photos. After we showed his mom, she wanted him to make a Valentine's Day card for his kindergarten teacher. 

The next day, we worked on a card using Sketches for Cardmaking. Here is the sketch with the completed card. We used Basic Grey's Blush collection. I gave him an assortment of A2 sized cardstock and he chose the pink. He looked through the Blush 6 x 6 pack and chose the flower patterned paper. I asked what complementary cardstock did he want for the vertical strip and he said brown. I asked what color ribbon and he said white. Lastly I had a kit of Valentine embellishments and he picked out the finishing decorations. He had no problem choosing what he wanted. 

Here he is adding on the embellishments while dressed as a king that day. We also added a lollipop on the envelope for a finishing touch, as that is his favorite candy. 

After we showed his mom the Valentine, she hinted that she wanted one also. So the next day, Isaiah picked out this card sketch. 

He said his mom's favorite color was blue so he picked the blue cardstock background. For the patterned papers we used My Mind's Eye six by six Happy Day collection. He chose the hexagons which I told him were very trendy.  I asked him if he knew what hexagons were. He said no, only octagons. 

He used a T Square ruler to draw the line on which he adhered all the buttons. He also used a paper trimmer for the first time to cut the patterned papers. He liked choosing the buttons from my stash. He also wanted to add one extra pink one as the focal point.

The inside sentiment reads, "You are the best Mom in the world Isaiah."

The cards were a lot quicker, about 20 minutes each. If you pick out a collection or kit for the materials, then it isn't too overwhelming for the child. If you use a sketch, then they have a starting off point and can deviate from there. It was pretty fun and now he understands a bit more of what I do. 

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Becky said...

This is the best post I have ever read! Good job Isaiah and Auntie Michelle! His mother sure put him to work making cards ;)

Michelle McClure said...

Thanks Becky! I was surprised at how cute everything turned out, especially by an active kid who isn't that interested in scrapbooking.

TracieClaiborne said...

How sweet! He did great and he is adorable.

Danielle said...

That is so good to see! My little niece also wants to craft with me when she comes over, we both really enjoy it.
Love what the 2 of you made.

Madeline said...

Oh how cool! He did such a great job...and I'm sure had tons of fun with his aunt.

emily said...

He did a great job!! I love the little blue card to his mom...what a keeper. I'd cry if I received that from my daughter!

Blessed Ladybug said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so nice.. love the layout and his faces.... have fun

Fleursbydesign said...

Awesome, he did an amazing job :)

Danielle said...

Despite his being sick, you sound like you had a great week! I loved the pics of him re-enacting the "war". Too cute! And his projects all turned out wonderful. Heck, I have been feeling under the weather all this week. Can I come stay by your house? lol...

Patter Cross said...

Super, super sweet, and love the expressions in those photos! Just adorable!

Staci said...

Great job! Hope he's feeling much better!

Leslie said...

So cute! Check your email - you've been selected for my DT!

Izzy Anderson said...

He's a natural! So cute.

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