Thursday, April 19, 2012

Star Wars Party Favor

The Inspiration
My nephew had his 5th birthday party this past weekend, and he wanted a Star Wars theme. I was in charge of making the favors, which was really fun as Stars Wars has an endless source of inspiration.

Getting ready for his party
On Pinterest I had been seeing a lot of Valentines with a child holding a lollipop using a forced perspective, like this one here, and I really liked that idea. I adapted it to fit a Star Wars theme.

The Reveal
Here are the finished favors.

Star Wars Treat Holders
I started by having my sister take a picture of my nephew in his Jedi bathrobe. Using Adobe Photoshop, I cut out the background of the living room and replaced it with a painting of a swamp in Dagobah. Then I added Yoda ears. Here are the before and after photos.

I typed the sentiment and date on the picture, using Yoda phrasing. I wanted to find a candy that mimicked the look of a light saber. Pixie Stix had the right size but the stripes were distracting, Sour Twists were too thick. I ended up finding some flavored honey sticks from the street fair which had an iridescent glow. I punched a hole on the photo and inserted the candy and taped it to the back. I glued the picture onto a pre-made treat box. 
Honey stick light saber
The Party
A highlight of the party was when my brother-in-law conducting a round of Jedi training. The kids were given light sabers made from pool noodles and duct and electrical tape. 

Jedi Training
The culmination of their training was a one on one battle against Darth Vader, as played by my hubby. 

Use the force
Use your scrappiness for good and stay away from the dark side. 

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