Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paper House: Cell Phone Case Inserts

The Project
When my husband upgraded to the new iPhone 5s, I inherited his iPhone 5. The size is different from my current iPhone 4 and I needed a new cell phone case. I researched a lot of cases which was kind of overwhelming but I did end up liking several designs. I couldn't commit to any one design so I ended up purchasing a clear plastic case and making my own inserts. Then I could change it up and see if I wanted just a graphic design or a personal photo. More info can also be found on Paper House Production's blog.

The Details
I started by making a template for my insert in Silhouette Studio. I also included the space for camera and flash which I didn't want to cover. I also added some designs from my files and attached it to my frame to make an overlay.

I used the template to trace onto cardstock and patterned paper to get the correct sizing for my base. You can also use the case itself as a template. I also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut other designs, like the circle pattern overlay and the chevron stripes. 

I then just decorated my base with pictures, stickers, patterned papers and die cuts. I approached this like I was designing a page for a mini album. It is just a small amount of space to work with so I didn’t want it to get too cluttered.

This is a fun way to make your own personalized cell phone case. You can make an insert for every season or holiday, showcase your photos or just your use your favorite design. Nothing is permanent, so you can easily change out an insert for a new look without having to purchase a new case. This would make a great gift too.

Paper House Production
Patterned Paper
Birthday Girl Tags (P-0671E)
Create (P-0597E)
Imagine (P-0598E)
Paper Pad
American Road 6” (PP-0603E)
3D Stickers
Art with Foil Accents (STTL-005E)
He Loves Me (STDM-0132E)
Sweet Birthday Girl (STDM-0181E)
Cardstock Stickers
Birthday Girl (STCX-0179E)
Clear Cell Phone Case - LUVVITT
Craft Knife - X-ACTO
Cardstock - Bazzill Basics
Electronic Die Cut Machine - Silhouette Cameo

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Shannon Fralish said...

This is amazing! I love that you can change up your phone case and really show off what you're lovin' at the moment. I'm thinking this would be a super fun gift for my mom -- thanks so much for sharing this!! :-)

Unknown said...

This is an awesome idea! Thank you for the instruction sheet.

Unknown said...

That is so brilliant. What a great idea. I am bookmarking this post for when I (optimistically get my 5s.) Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Those are amazing!

msmith434343 said...

Oh, wow!! That's awesome! Very cool :)

Ange said...

Oh those are cute! Super fun!!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

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Everything is just gorgeous! Love the coloring!
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