Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Saved the Date! Layout: Little Cousins do Grow Up

The Reveal:
For once I had a chance to make a project because I was inspired and just wanted to make a page. Usually I make projects for a design team, challenge, holiday or gift. 

My cousin Marrina's Engagement
The Background: 
At Christmas, my cousin, Marrina, gave me a save the date magnet for her upcoming nuptials.  
Save the Date Magnet
I've known her since she was a baby, so my first thought was to still think of her as a young kid, kind of like this Father of the Bride moment. 

My second thoughts were recollections of my then boyfriend, now hubby, Kevin picking up Marrina and her brother up with one hand and tossing them around. (These photos were predigital and had to be scanned from my old fashioned scrapbook, which is kind of like the new Smashbooks.) 

After the realization that little kids do grow up and get married, my third thought turned back to scrapbooking and I thought the magnet was super cute and would make a great focus for a layout. 

The Details:
Sometimes a layout is really laborious to put together and I'm still not quite satisfied at the end, and other times the stars align in the universe, and all the componets readily comes together. This was one of the latter times. During Christmas dinner Marrina was telling me that her wedding colors were teal and salmon. I had just used Authentique's Gathering collection which were those same colors. I had a few scraps left and it was enough to make a one page layout, even though I didn't have any whole sheets left. 

Title & Journaling
I was just reading Sketch Support and really liked the layout sketch of the week (#16). Most of the designers made a Christmas layout, but I thought the ornaments could be transformed into the wicker lanterns in the magnet design.

I handstitched strings to hang the lanterns that I punched from a piece of patterned paper. I even poked holes and stitched through the magnet itself. 

Marrina had posted some gorgeous engagement photos on Facebook. If you need a wedding photographer for the L.A. area, I'd highly recommend the one she used, Anna May Lam.

Engagement Photos
I browsed through her photos and chose the more muted ones that matched my distressed papers. 

The whole layout came together seamlessly. Here's hoping the wedding planning and marriage is the same. I wish you the best kiddo!

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marrinaw said...

Awwwww this was so sweet michelle!! I still feel like that same awkward silly lil kid sometimes.. but now that i'm getting married, time to ACT grown up! :) LOVE the design you created, especially the vintage feel of it. I need you to design my whole wedding or something ha!

Stephanie said...

Aww, what a sweet idea--and the papers totally matched the magnet, so you couldn't go wrong! Nice job!

Heather said...

Very, very cute!

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