Friday, November 11, 2011

An Answer to a Query: Mini-Album

Abbey Road Photo
Scrap it with a Song Blog
My friend Becky follows a blog entitled, Scrap it with a Song, which uses songs and lyrics as scrapbooking inspiration. They run monthly challenges and she encouraged me to enter the Abbey Road challenge, where you create a page as inspired by the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover. She knew I already had a layout made which I couldn't believe that she'd remember my old layouts. I got chosen for the monthly Top 3 Picks for the month of October which can be viewed here.

                                          Pages from the Heart
Altered Clock
When I went to turn in an assignment to Pages today (which you can see next month on their blog), the store owner told me a customer wanted to buy the clock I made. I could't believe someone would want to buy my creations. I think they told her to try and make one. The directions can be found here.

Mini Album Tutorial:
I got my first question from a customer wanting to know how to make a mini album I created 6 months ago for the store. I couldn't believe she remembered that project. I am posting my response here if anyone is interested and am good at visualization as I didn't take any photos during the creating process. The patterned papers and stickers are from My Mind's Eye's Fly a Kite collection.

 Mini Album Folded Flat
4 x 4 Accordion Mini Album:

Mini Album Opened
1. Start by making the background for your album. Mine was made from a piece of solid orange cardstock. Cut two 4 x 12 inch pieces from the cardstock and fan fold every 4 inches. You should end up with three squares on each piece of paper. Glue the two pieces together, overlapping on one square each, so you end up with a long skinny strip measuring 4 x 20 inches, with 5 square panels. 

Inside of a door panel

2. Next you will make three doors that you will glue onto the orange paper. To make the door panels, cut three 4 x 8 inches pieces of paper. Fold two inches along each edge towards the mid line, so you end up with a 4 x 4 inch square with two 2 x 4 inch doors that open outward from the front. I used three different patterned papers from the same collection for the doors. 

Three Opened Doors

3. Next, glue the doors onto the background paper. Open your orange paper flat with the 5 squares. Glue one door panel on squares #1, 3 and 5. So it looks like - door, orange square, door, orange square and door. Put the adhesive on the back of the 4 x 4 part of your door panel and not on any of the 2 x 4 sections. When you are done, this is the your basic album.

Pocket panel
4. To take it to another level, make two pockets and glue those on the two remaining orange squares. To make the pockets, cut a piece of patterned paper 2.5 x 4 inches. Fold 1/2 inch behind the paper on three sides (the two shorter sides and one longer side), and glue on the half inch strip onto the orange paper. The fourth side is not glued so you can put a tag into the pocket. 

Photo Mat

5. Then decorate to your liking. I used a border punch, twine, buttons, stickers, Glam Rocks, Stickles and cut outs from the patterned papers. Inside the three doors I added photo mats. 

You can customize this for many other themes like Christmas right now. You can adjust the sizes to make a  larger or smaller album. 

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