Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scene Around Taipei

Now I'm writing to you from the other side of the world in Taiwan, instead of my usual L.A. haunt. Kevin, Jenn, my Dad and I took a tour of the Presidential Office Building here, kind of like the White House. This was the only spot we were allowed to take a photo inside the complex that was closely watched by the military. Kevin and Jenn are wearing Taiwan flag beanies, and I wonder what the tour guide was thinking about having to take this photo with us.  It was originally built in a Baroque style in 1895 by the Japanese for their Governor-General. It became the Presidential Office Building in 1950.

The interior courtyard
Exterior of Presidential Office Bldg.
My Dad took us to a dumpling and noodle shop that he said was reminiscent of the traditional little shops built around army camps. 

Interior of restaurant
Exterior of dumpling restaurant
I always marvel at the mass rapid transit systems of other places. We took the MRT here which is really convenient. The platform just opens to the outside and the apartments. Kevin pointed out there were sound dampeners along the rails. 

On the platform
In the Ximending shopping district, there is a historic octagonal 1908 red bricked building called The Red House which was Taiwan's first public market. When we went inside though, there a was large display of Smurfs decorated by Taiwan's celebrities.

The Red House exterior
Red House interior
Now we are about to leave Taipei and will be on our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Take care and hope you are enjoying your summer plans,


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